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About Foundation

      Many bright students face barriers to education due to their families' limited financial means. Education is a fundamental right, and every individual should have the opportunity to pursue it without financial constraints.

Siyavati Foundation aims to support talented yet underprivileged students, ensuring they have access to a quality education.

Our Mission

          "Educate who deserve !"

Our Founder's Story
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Vijay Sinha

"Committed to serving society and eager to contribute to the nation. My goal is to extend our support beyond family and friends, reaching out to communities in need. Taking small yet meaningful steps towards fostering kindness and promoting humanity. Supporting a financialy underprivileged child until he secure employment, inspired me to launch this programme."

Amaresh Kumar

"My inherent inclination to assist those in need, both in my professional and personal life, has consistently fueled my drive to contribute more to society. With the establishment of Siyavati Foundation, I am expanding this noble endeavor to reach a broader community, aspiring to make a positive impact on the lives of many."

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Our Core Values
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We cultivate a culture of utmost honesty, loyalty, and transparency in every activity of the foundation at all levels.

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Our unparalleled ethics and principles steer us to stay focused and leave a lasting impression on society.

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It is our foundation upon which trust, respect, and positive change are built. By embracing it we like to illuminate the path to a better tomorrow.

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Where chaos transforms into harmony, and every detail finds its purpose in the grand symphony of efficiency and order.


What our scholarist says: